B.A.R Final Info for registered participants

Boyne Adventure Race

Competitor Final Information 

This is all important stuff read carefully!

Thank you for becoming part of the inaugural Boyne Adventure Race on Sunday, August 27th, there is a tremendous buzz around Trim in anticipation.

Competition is strong with a field containing really strong racers from adventure racing, running, cycling, triathlon, kayaking and fitness groups. A fast and close race is expected and spectators will be treated to a great spectacle.

While it is a race, for most the only person you are competing against is yourself. Give it a good lash and leave it all out on the course.

To make sure everyone enjoys the race safety is our top priority. We have rules in place to ensure the race is safe for racers, the public and other road users.

Car Parking

Car parking on Sunday is available in the car parks in Trim and also in the Porchefields, with access off the R154 https://goo.gl/maps/FK6iyWcX9qk follow parking attendants’ directions.

Registration Times and Race Packs

All competitors must register and collect their race packs at one of the following times and locations;

  1. In the Spun Cycles and Spun Run shop on Emmett St., Trim. Friday 25th August 5pm to 7pm

Saturday 26th August 4pm to 6pm

  1. In the registration in the Castle grounds opposite Trim Garda Station. Sunday 27th August 7am to 8am


Any last minute gear requirements or bike issues can be sorted with the great guys in http://spuncycles.ie/ great coffee in there too! Remember shop closes 6pm Saturday.

Your race pack contains your BAR technical t shirt, your race number and bike sticker. Bike stickers must be placed on your bike before dropping it to the transition area.

Race numbers must be worn to the front and be visible throughout the race.


Start and Finish

Race begins with a shotgun start. The start line is at the Barbican Gate (stone arch) on the grass area in front of the Castle.

Yoga Warm UP with Peter Walsh  8.25am and please make sure you are at the start by 8.45am for the mandatory safety briefing.

All competitors start together in a single wave.

Prizes will be presented on stage to the first three male and first three female competitors past the finish line.

In the case of any dispute the race director’s decision will be final regarding the outcome.

Presentations will be made at between 11.30 & 12.00 at the finish area.

Your hard earned finisher’s medal will be given to you at the finish line, please be patient with our volunteers as they direct you at the finish line.

Toilets are available at the start area only.

Water filling area available at Start and Kayak/Bike transition, please bring your own bottle.


Bike drop

You must register before you drop your bike. You can register on Friday, Saturday or early Sunday.

Bike drop is only possible on Sunday morning from 7am. Make sure you place your race number sticker on your bike before you drop it off. You should attach your helmet, cycle shoes (if used), drinks, food or any other equipment needed, to your bike. Do not leave anything at the bike transition once you collect your bike during the race.

The bike drop is located in the Porchefields near the Lackanash gate. Access by walking is via the river walk or by cycling via the Lackanash Road https://goo.gl/maps/iph53P9mzW32 no parking is allowed on the Lackanash Road.

All bikes must be dropped at the transition before 8am.

Give yourself plenty of time to walk back to the start area after dropping your bike.


Race rules

  • Arrive early at the start line with your race number attached to the front.
  • Mandatory Kit must be worn or carried as appropriate and as specified
  • There are no road closures for the cycling routes competitors must follow the road traffic laws
  • All competitors must follow the prescribed route. There will be static and mobile checks as well as drone monitoring.
  • Checkpoints must be visited in the correct order
  • Road bikes are best, tt bikes or aero bars are not permitted. Helmets are compulsory. Drafting is allowed.
  • Obey the environmental policy. Any competitor found littering by race marshals or fellow competitors can be reported and disqualified
  • The Race Director’s decision is final
  • Assist any persons who are in difficulty and report it to closest race marshals
  • You are entering the event entirely at your own risk and you must ensure that you are physically capable of completing the event
  • In the event of inclement weather the organisers have the right to alter the route on the day of the event


Mandatory Kit List

o    Buoyancy aid (provided) for the kayak

o    Hat, gloves and waterproof jacket. (Weather dependant, you will be advised at registration if required)

o    Suitable footwear. Trail runners are recommended for the run sections.

o    Appropriate food and drink. Bring enough to do you for the entire race. There will be limited water re-filling points on the course.

o    Cycle helmet, bike repair kit, spare tube, and pump. (can be left on bike during run section)

o    Backpack or bum bag. (optional)

  1.  Use of headphones is not allowed.

All kit will be checked on the morning of the race.

If you do not have mandatory kit you will not be allowed race.

Failure to wear cycle helmet or buoyancy aid during relevant sections is an automatic disqualification.

 Optional Kit

o Cycling shoes with cleats can be used but you will have to carry your runners on the bike. The choice is yours.

o Shorts or leggings? Go with what you are most comfortable with. Bear in mind the forecasted weather and the fact that you will get your feet wet and muddy. There are also areas where you will scramble over gravel, briars and gorse… you have been warned!



All competitors take part in the race at their own risk.

All roads are open and all rules of the road must be followed.

All cyclists must come to a complete stop at the stop sign at the junction of the R159 and R158 (Laracor) https://goo.gl/maps/w6aed6AzBBC2

Follow the directions of race marshals and the Gardai.

The race route will be marked with directional arrows and instructions sprayed on the route surface. Follow the arrows.



The best vantage points to view the race are at the start area and in the Porchefields.

All support is welcome but please give all participants space to perform.

We request that you do not drive or follow the race by car.

The race can also be viewed at Jack Quinn’s.   Competitors will rack their bikes there for the quarry scramble. Tea and coffee will be available for supporters to purchase in Quinn’s.


After the race show off your hard earned medal, enjoy a complimentary beer in The High Horse Bar, relax and enjoy the other events in the Salmon of Knowledge Festival and cheer on Ireland’s finest ultra cyclists as they embark on Race Around Ireland.

Any further information will be posted on our facebook page


And given at the per race safety briefing.


In Emergency Contact James Murray (Boyne Valley Activities) (086) 837 2547


In the event that you cannot complete the race and have to withdraw you must let us know! Call Peter +353 (86) 601 6212


The Boyne Adventure Race is part of Trim Salmon of Knowledge Festival taking place at the finish line on August 27th  from 11am. Please stay around and enjoy the festivities in the Town.