Entente Florale Gold Medal Winner

In September 2015 Trim was awarded a Gold medal at Entente Floral.  The judging for this happened the previous July when the judging panel visited Trim for a 6 hour inspection.  On July 15th 2015, the day prior to the judging,  the team at StockHouse took out the camera and ran around the town quickly taking snaps, 24 hours later and with the help of local tenon Matt Gilsenan with his song “Come back to Trim” that he had recorded in 1995 they came up with a video incorporating the pictures they took with Matt’s song.  The collaboration of both images and song into a video ( Trim, the town that looks so well ) made this a number one in Trim for Matt and great praise was given to the team at StockHouse for this.  This is a 6 minute song with lyrics by the late Tommy Murray, Matt said “it took 20 years for a suitable occasion” and that this was the right time.

A huge effort was put in by Meath County Council, the local tidy towns committee, the community in general and other volunteers to ensure the town was looking its best in advance of judging.  As well as the planting of an abundance of flowers and plants, other works undertaken including resurfacing, painting, the completion of the local playground and an upgrade of pedestrian crossings.

The Association Europeenne pour le Fleurissement et le Paysage (AEFP) – the European Association for Flowers and Landscape is an international, non-profit association founded in 1996 in Brussels. The roots of the Association go more deeply into history since a competition which started between the France and United Kingdom in 1975.

The overall aim of the Association today is the social and cultural development and enhancement of the quality of life of urban dwellers, primarily through landscape development and horticulture.

To support its aims, the Association organises an international competition known as Entente Florale Europe in order to promote a greener and more pleasant environment in European towns and villages and to establish international contacts among the participants.

Through this annual competition public authorities, private and voluntary bodies and individuals, are encourage to co-operate in beautifying their towns and villages by the planting of flowers and shrubs, by the development and maintenance of green spaces and parks and by generally fostering development which is ecologically and environmentally sensitive. In this way the quality of life is improved for both the inhabitants and visitors alike.