Fatal Deviation – A movie to be proud of

Trim for many years has been host to lots of big named movie makers such as Universal Pictures (Captain Lightfoot – 1954), Lorimar Productions (Big Red One – 1980), Channel Four Film (Fools of Fortune – 1990), ICON Entertainment/20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures (Braveheart – 1995)  but Trim was also host to the very first martial arts movie ever made in Ireland Fatal Deviation.  The film was conceived by James Bennett and Peter Crinion, filmed by Shay Casserly and was released in 1998.  The film features lots of locals actors along with martial arts expert James Bennett as Jimmy and Boyzone’s Mikey Graham as Mikey and is purpored to be what kick started Bennett’s career to what is today circa 20 big sceen productions and was Mikey Graham’s debut into acting.

The critics say;

“I believe this film has the ability to change lives and should be introduced into School Ciriculums to combat drug-abuse, underage smoking and drinking and would also eradicate underage pregnancies.  Bless you Shay Casserly, and Jimmy Bennet for introducing me to what can be accomplished with shared vision and a beautiful philosophy that underlies this masterclass of film-making.”  Maggie Bannon 2012 (UK)

“Fatal Deviation lends some insight into a personal journey, of a road chosen and taken that has a far greater resonance than the negative derision that has resounded rather unfairly in my opinion from some of the movies obvious constraints; a journey that has embryonic dreams fuelled by a powerful heart and an “iron will” that refuses to say no. James Bennett hunts his dreams with a rocket launcher. And to be honest, in my opinion, the man should be regarded as an inspiration.”   Canada
For those of you who’ve not seen Fatal Deviation, James Bennett plays Jimmy Bennett from Trim, County Meath.  At the start of the film, Jimmy walks out of reform school determined to make a go of his life and find out what happened to his missing father.  Unfortunately, within minutes of returning to his home town, he starts a fight in the local Londis with two gang members.  If you want to find out more you’ve got to watch it!!!!!

We think it’s about time James Bennett made a sequel.  Do you ?